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Welcome to -- the evictions resource website of R L Wilson, P.C. Law Firm of San Antonio, Texas.  On this site you will learn about our evictions law practice, and the basic requirements and procedures for conducting an eviction in or around San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas.

R L Wilson, P.C. maintains one of San Antonio’s most active eviction law practices, and our evictions lawyers have the experience and expertise to perform evictions properly. While Texas evictions take place in the Justice Courts, do not discount the highly technical nature of the evictions process. Texas has a long and storied history of protecting its citizens’ homes – even rented properties. For that reason, Texas Justice Courts asked to enter Evictions Judgments require strict compliance with the procedural requirements of Chapter 24 and other sections of the Texas Property Code. The evictions lawyers at R L Wilson, P.C. Law Firm will help you navigate the evictions process in Texas, and assist in restoring peace, safety and a revenue stream from your rental or investment property.

R L Wilson, P.C. Law Firm is the premier advocate in South Central Texas for organizations and individuals in crisis.  We are a multi-practice law firm based in San Antonio, with a Texas-wide presence  – we have literally handled claims and lawsuits in more than 40 Texas Counties.  R L Wilson, P.C. Law Firm offers uniquely wise and effective solutions to diverse and complex legal issues. We pride ourselves on relationships with our clients, borne of timely, favorable results delivered in adherence with the highest standards of excellence and integrity.  For more than a decade, our  Firm’s principal attorney, Trey Wilson, has successfully served the needs of major corporations, governmental entities, small companies, associations and individuals at every stage of the legal process and on both sides of the docket.

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